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Do you want to feel better about your life, your relationships, and yourself? Do you feel blocked from your aliveness; as if the life you have always wanted is just beyond your reach?

Therapy will help you find the way to the life you have always desired. We get blocked from our wholeness due to circumstances in our life that have led to pain and suffering. We continue living in suffering through our beliefs, habits, and actions.

The good news is: change is possible. In fact, change is inevitable. Psychotherapy can restore you, heal you, and teach you how to access your inner wisdom, so you can begin to heal and feel alive again. It’s time to grow, and actualize your soul’s deeper meaning and purpose. Now is the time to step into the life you have always wanted. What is holding you back?

Let me help you reconnect with the most important person in your life - YOU!

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Relationship TherapyThrough counseling, you can create more intimacy in your life and your relationships so you have deeper and more fulfilling connections with yourself and those around you. Couples of all orientations and relationship styles welcome.


Sexuality Therapy for Couples and IndividualsAs a sex therapist, I provide a compassionate ear as well as understanding about your sexual concerns covering all aspects of human sexuality, including sexual health, sexual identity, gender identity, kink, sex work, sexual trauma, alternative relationship styles, HIV, STI’s and STD’s, and sexual desires.


Trauma Healing TherapyTrauma healing restores our aliveness and wholeness. For many traumatized individuals, this has been taken away. As a trauma healing therapist, my approach is gentle and powerful, and teaches you how to access your body’s wisdom in order to heal both recent and developmental traumas.


Certified Life CoachingAs a Certified Life Coach, I can help you create the life that YOU long to live. Coaching helps you achieve the most out of your life, whether you are an ambitious, goal oriented individual who thrives on developing action plans, or you simply feel lost and need help clarifying your goals.


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